New fully compatible inside-to-out building protection system from illbruck – for complete peace of mind.


illbruck has recently launched a pioneering new ‘inside-to-out’ Building Protection range which builds on the company’s vast experience in built-up wall detailing.

illbruck, already a market leader in window interfacing, is now applying this same expertise to the full building envelope having developed a system of breather membranes and vapour barriers that is fully compatible with the successful and innovative window range. The new range not only includes the basic moisture management membranes to ensure ‘inside tighter than outside’ principles are met; it also comprises essential ancillary items such as tapes for sheathing boards and membranes along with adhesives and sealants all of which are 100% compatible.

This is a new approach to envelope solutions which greatly reduces the risk to the designer, installer and investor as it overcomes the situation where a window membrane will not bond to a joint sealant or a tape will not adhere to a membrane. Other examples of challenges defeated by the new system include where different adhesives and sealants come into contact with one another causing discolouration or bond failure. Many of these challenges often result in reduced air-tightness performance or even failed air tests.

Where interfaces and product incompatibility are a challenge, the illbruck Building Protection Range offers complete peace of mind; each component is designed to work in unison with partner elements. When combined with the renowned illbruck technical service, including support in developing details and site toolbox talks, the project will be easy to design and quick to install.